What is a Targeted Individual?

A Targeted Individual is an Individual who considers themselves a Target of a covert operation which seeks to eliminate them, or degrade their life significantly. Targets' main reasons for being Targeted range from being a Political Activist, a person without a filter, an enemy of someone powerful, revenge from past relationships, selected for secret experiments or simply randomly targeted for the sick delight of twisted individuals.

What are the signs you are being stalked?

The main ways people find out they are a targeted individual is when the people around them suddenly change their attitude towards them, whether is be distancing themselves, spreading rumors about them, or simply showing utter hatred for them.

Here are a few examples:

- Your friends suddenly distance themselves
- People start making fun of you or looking at you differently.
- Your boss at work starts to give you a hard time for no apparent reason.
- Your family starts to become negative when you are around.
- Random people know personal details of your life.